Charles Frederick Worth

Modern fashion design manages to combine natural beauty with different accessories, clothing or aesthetics items, creating a true piece of art. Modern fashion finds itself in a continuous dynamic and the designers have to anticipate the further trends, in order to realize appealing clothing lines. However, modern fashion design is not just about the looks, and the creators have to realize clothing and accessories, which are appealing and fully functional, for a daily use. As fascinating as it may sound, the history of modern fashion design is even more interesting. In the following article, we will tell you more about the father of modern fashion design, which is Charles Frederick Worth and what he managed to accomplish during his career.

Beginning of his career

Charles Frederick Worth’s story started in 1846, when he moved to Paris. He arrived in France without speaking the language and with only 5 Pounds in his pocket. He had a series of small time jobs, which helped him survive through the day. Worth took the first notable job in 1852, when he was hired as a sales assistant, at Gagelin-Opigez & Cie, a famous silk producing firm. While working in this company, he got accustomed with this industry and not long after, he began sewing dresses. Even though the clothing were following a simple and common pattern, he quickly caught the eye of the clients. Worth started building a reputation and a lot of clients were requesting products from his personal line of work. Considering young Worth’s popularity and native talent, Gagelin decided to let him open a dress department, based entirely on his creations. This was Worth’s official entrance into the fashion world.


Because he had higher goals to achieve and he already became a personality in the fashion industry, Worth decided to leave Gagelin-Opigez and to start his own company. Partnering with a Swedish businessman, he managed to create his own business, naming it Worth and Bobergh.

In 1860, Worth designed a ball dress for Princess de Metternich and when Empress Eugenie saw that dress, she asked more about the designer and demanded to see him as soon as possible. After designing dresses for the Empress, he embraced an international success and now, the whole world knew about Charles Frederick Worth and his impressive creations. Soon, his fashion house grew from 50 employees to more than 1,200 and he was receiving orders from all around the world.


Worth was the first designer who included trimmings and lavish fabrics in a dress and also, the first one to organize live presentations, using models. However, because the crinoline type of dresses were impractical, Worth wanted to change that and to adopt a new stile. That’s why, he decided to create the “walking dress”, a shorter and more practical clothing accessory. This dress was the topic of many controversies, because it was considered by many too short and too vulgar. Despite the controversies, it soon became popular in the entire world.


Even though Charles Frederick Worth’s creations may not look as our current clothing, he was the one who put the bases of our current fashion. Many designers are still creating their products according to Worth’s ideas and it’s certain that modern fashion design wouldn’t have been where it is today, without him.

Who invented denim jeans?

The history of cotton denim jeans is an interesting journey through the great sea explorations of the 1500’s, to Italian and French fabric weaving, to slavery and gold mining, right to present-day $3000 designer jeans!The adventure begins with the blue in blue jeans. Indigo dye was a plant derivative before a synthetic was invented by a German chemist the late 1800’s.

You look back into the past; Denim Jeans are the most versatile attire of the century. This attire got popularity by Men and Women both. It is not even limited to a single country; people in all countries wear denim jeans.

This is the most popular attire for the whole generation as well. Starting from kids to senior citizens all like to wear it. It is a must have in wardrobe as well. One can pair it with different types of tops, t-shirts and blouses.

Because we all wear it, we must dig deep into the origin of Denim Jeans.
Before you move ahead, you must know that Denim is a type of fabric and Jeans is a Type of attire. We combine both the things to make it an outfit name ‘Denim Jeans.’ The name ‘Denim’ was given after the place from where it originated in the year 1849, the birthplace of denim fabric is ‘De Nims’ which is situated in the country France. Since then, it has been recognized as one of the most durable and reliable fabric for pants.

Basic about Denim Fabric Colors
Denim fabric comes in three color variations, The raw dark denim, the medium blue and the light one. The raw dark color denim takes the minimum wash time and the light one requires maximum wash time. However, you need to add fabric softener when you wash jeans for a better outcome.

Nowadays there are many types of Jeans available for Men and Women in the market. Some of the most popular types of them are low rise jeans, mid-rise jeans, high-rise jeans, boot cut jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight jeans, skinny jeans and much more. The types of denim jeans vary as per washes too, which also means shades of jeans. The most popular Jeans washes are stonewashed, classic, acid wash, dirty and distressed.

These days distressed jeans and high rise jeans are in vogue. Distressed jeans are also known as ripped jeans in some part of the world. Celebrities to a common man, all are following these denim trends.

Among all fabrics, the popularity of denim is very light. The reason is, it suits each and every age of people and one can have many options to choose from when it comes to the shopping of denim jeans. Below are some strong points and weak points to consider.

Strong Points
* Sturdy Fabric
* Universal Attire
* High Durability
* Available at very Affordable Price
* Many Options
* Does not require special cleaning, machine wash is enough
* Available Every Where, Online and Offline Both
* Never goes out of the Fashion
* Must Have in Ward Robe

Weak Points:
* Color Options are limited
* Very Thick Fabric, Not Suitable for Hot Places

With so many strong points, it has already won the heart of each and every one. And even in the future, the trend and popularity will never go down.

What is the difference between a brogue, an Oxford and a loafer?

When it comes to shoes, whether these belong to male or female, variety is overwhelming. Since ages back, people have been obsessed with different kinds of shoes. More importantly, variety is needed for different types of work and environment. High knee length boots can only look good in a cold environment or when a workplace is too harsh. Informal sneakers can never be worn along with a formal pair of trousers or a blazer.

One of the oldest shoes of men’s fashion is brogue shoes. They have been ruling the market since a late sixteenth century. Having been originated in Scotland and Ireland, they have always been the favorite of the market. Initially, they were meant for outdoor work or country footwear, but they have made a stable place when it comes casual or business occasions.

These shoes predominantly are made in leather for casual wear. But now these are also made with canvas or high-heeled women’s shoes or leather sneakers. For women, these come in various colors that can be mix and matched with different styles of dresses to make a unique statement in the fashion world.

There are some who will deal with the pain of uncomfortable shoes just to look good and be fashionable. I see women all the time in super high heeled shoes looking like they are about to fall and complaining of sore feet. I don’t want to sound mean or uncaring, but they are doing it to themselves, it isn’t necessary.

Personally, I fall into the comfort category, and I know many people are just like me and would rather be comfortable than wearing a shoe that hurts my feet just to be trendy. The makers of shoes have noticed that the trend is towards this philosophy and are now increasing production of various options of comfortable shoes. One of these varieties is the timeless loafer which has seen a huge resurgence in popularity recently. These highly comfortable shoes have never really gone out of style, but they haven’t been considered fashionable for over ten years, now they are considered stylish. Here are some of the reasons people are choosing loafers today.

Most people who wear loafers, myself included will tell you that their loafers are their favorite and most comfortable shoes. They are very breathable and don’t constrict plus they are supportive of your arches. They also are usually highly cushioned which adds to the level of comfort. Do you ever come home and just throw your shoes off as soon as you get in the door because they are hurting your feet so bad? Well, with loafers you don’t have that feeling; in fact, many people continue wearing theirs around the house after they get home.

Another thing people like about loafers is that they are easy to get on and off and you don’t have to deal with laces. I particularly like this aspect. For people who have back problems, they are ideal because you can just step into them and slide them on without having to bend over to tie your shoe. If you have back pain or some other medical condition that prevents you from being able to bend over easily try loafers.

An oxford is a basic shoe constructed from heavy leather that laces up. The shoe originated in Ireland and Scotland. Historically they were made from untanned leather and were somewhat plain. Oxfords of today are created in a variety of styles and are made from many different kinds of leather such as suede or tanned leather and even synthetic material. Oxford shoes are usually considered a dress or business shoe for both men and sometimes even for women.

Contemporary oxfords are shoes that don’t come above the ankle, and most have a piece of leather carefully stitched over the upper. These are sometimes referred to as Oxford caps or toe car oxfords. A dictionary definition of an Oxford is, an esthetically elegant style with closed lacing that typically comes in plain, full-brogue and semi-brogue versions.

There are five main categories of oxfords: Bluchers, Balmorals, Saddle Shoes, Kilties, and Wingtips. Bluchers oxfords are open-laced leather shoes which have the sides of the shoe sewn onto the front. They appear to have four distinct segments. Shoes in this style with leather soles are often used for jazz dancing. Balmorals are close-laced shoes meaning the laces are not seen as they are under the smooth tongue flap. They appear very streamlined and almost seamless.



How to Remove Ink Stains from Fabrics

We have all had them- ugly, ink stains from forgotten, or defective pens. One minute your shirt is crisp and stain free, and the next, there is an ugly blue, black, or red stain that we are surely never going to get out. So what do we do? We throw the shirt away, of course, another twenty-three dollars down the drain, and we go out and buy a brand new shirt to replace the old one.

The mystery of how to remove stains without damaging the fabric is not a mystery at all. You simply need a great product and patience. Stain removal is an art and science, and the key to successfully removing all types of household stains is to find one product that does it all!

The bad part about that is, it will probably end up in the garbage like the last one did which is throwing good money after bad. Some people just go out to the store and purchase an expensive solution. It likely will not get all the stain more because you have wasted time.Save yourself some money, and treat the stain yourself. Many people think there is no way to remove ink from fabric, but there is. Before we address that, there are some things to keep in mind.

The first is to treat a stain as soon as you possibly can. The longer the stain remains in the fabric, the harder it will be to remove. If there is no way you can treat the stain immediately, rinse the stain with water before it has a chance to set until you can treat it.Second, when removing stains never rub the stained area, as this will transfer the ink to other parts of the fabric that were unsoiled. Instead, try blotting the area.

Third, always place an old, white towel, or a paper towel under the stained garment. This method will allow the towel to catch the stain, making it less likely to spread. Now that that is out of the way, a good way to remove ink stains from fabric is to spray the stained area thoroughly with hairspray. The brand does not matter. Let the fabric sit for two to three minutes, and blot with a damp towel. Place a white towel beneath the stained area to catch the stain. Do this until the stain begins to disappear.

Permanent inks are often harder to deal with. Again, place on top of a clean cloth but apply rubbing alcohol to the stain, moving the garment around so as not to re-stain from under the fabric. Once no more ink can be removed, rinse and then use the same method with nail polish remover. Acetone can be used the same way, but you should always test on an area that doesn’t show first as not all materials are suitable for this.

As a last resort, mix some baking soda with water into a paste and apply to stain. Rinse, and then apply a stain remover product specifically for ink. If the stain is still obvious after washing, repeat baking soda stage. As a last resort, dye the garment black

Once this is done, launder the item as you usually would. The stain should be gone, and you should never put another uncapped pen in your pocket again. Another effective method for removing ink from fabrics is to scrub the stained area with pure lemon juice.



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How to Tie a Tie

A majority of men all over the world use just a single tie knot their whole lives. It is not because we do not like trying out new things or experimenting but rather because we lack an easy guide on how to do so. Knowledge of how to tie is as important as the style choice one selects with regard to the fabric, design and even color of a tie. The knot that an individual ties significantly contributes to enhancing the overall appearance. Despite the fact that it is regarded as a minute detail, it is critical to remember that paying attention to details is what facilitates a great look.


The following is a comprehensive guide on how a tie knot should be tied:

It is important to note that regardless of the knot that one ties, it is essential to check for 2 factors i.e. that the top of your belt and the tie’s end meet and that the tied knot is properly centered between the 2 tips of your shirt’s collar. The above two good practices can be achieved with a little bit of practice.

There are a variety of knots that can be used to learn how to tie a tie, below are some common 18 knots:

• Christensen Knot.
• Half Windsor Knot.
• Four-in-Hand Knot.
• Trinity Knot.
• Kelvin Knot.
• Full Windsor Knot.
• Café Knot.
• Balthus Knot.
• Eldredge Knot.
• Victoria Knot.
• Grantchester Knot.
• Plattsburgh Knot.
• Hanover Knot.
• St. Andrew Knot.
• Pratt knot.
• Oriental Knot.
• Bow-Tie Knot.
• Nicky Knot

The Windsor
This tie knot results in a thick, triangular and a perfectly symmetric shape. It is regarded as the king of knots. This knot demands great attention and is ideal for a big presentation. It is recommended for men with a larger build or can be best worn with a spread collar. The following steps are how to tie the Windsor:

i. Stand in front of a mirror and begin with the tie’s wide end on your right and proceed to extend the narrow end just one foot below. Tie’s wide end should then be crossed on top of the narrow end.

ii. The wide end should be brought up the lop and consequently back down to the left side.

iii. The wide end should then be brought around the tie’s narrow end and then up the right side.

iv. Proceed to bring it over the right side and then back down while pulling it tightly.

v. Pass the tie’s wide end across before passing it through the loop.

vi. The wide end should then be pulled down the knot and placed in front. Finish up by tightening it carefully and drawing it up to the level of the collar.

The Small Knot
This is a very easy way by which to tie is tied. The knot is ideal for an understated look and also for taller male individuals as it provides tie with more length compared to the thicker knots. The following are the easy steps to follow:

i. Reverse your tie while looking in the mirror. Begin with tie’s broad end on the right side of your body and extended one foot below the tie’s narrow end.

ii. Cross the tie’s wide end behind narrow one.

iii. The wide end should then be brought back across the narrow end’s front.

iv. The wide end should then be brought up the loop.

v. The wide end should be pulled down right through the knot in the front. Make the knot taut carefully before drawing up to the level of the collar.

The above insightful information about how to tie a tie should act as a comprehensive guide to help individuals in getting that much needed sharp official look.

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Sexy Shoes

Black High Heels – Top Must-Haves

Even though you have hundreds of pairs in your closet, now having at least a pair of black high heels is a huge mistake when it comes to women’s shoes. Most of you might probably have a pair or two already, often used for various occasions. Yes, black high heels are handy indeed; they can fit nicely with different attires and can be suitable for multiple occasions. If you are on the lookout for another black high heels or – God forbid – your first pair of black high heels, here are several pairs you might want to consider.

Featuring a rather unorthodox design, Hush Puppies’ Legato offers utter comfort and amazing look. Although the pair is also available in brown, the black one is a lot more flexible and can compliment your looks perfectly. Let’s not forget that this pair will cost you less than £60, making it even more appealing.

Faith Shoes also has several pairs of black high heels available. However, if you would settle for nothing but the best, Faith’s Tastic is definitely the pair you should be getting. With the right dress and handbag, this pair will make you look stunning in an instant. The cool complexion and gorgeous silhouette produced from wearing this pair will boost your look – and confidence – to a whole new level of perfection.

Schuh Lois Point Court Patent is the perfect pair for those of you seeking for simple black high heels to wear to different occasions. Schuh’s Tauro Collar Court also fits nicely into simple black high heels category, but the Lois Point Court is definitely better.

Sexy Shoes for Late Night Parties

Picking the sexiest pair of shoes to suit your sexy look may not be as hard as you imagined. With several options available, you should find the perfect pair in no time at all. To help you get started right away, we are going to take a look at several pairs that offers that sexiness, perfect for those of you planning on attending evening parties or even late night raves.

Boots is probably one of the sexiest types of shoes available, so make sure you consider getting one or two pair of boots to add your arsenal of sexy shoes with. I would personally recommend you the infamous Red or Dead Captain, these are in fashion rigtht now and feature over-the-knee boot designed to make you look sizzling hot in an instant. With this pair of boots, combined with the right leather or denim outfit, you will look stunning for sure.

If you are looking for a more subtle approach, you might want to check Schuh’s Lori Elastic Sandal. This pair is superbly comfortable to wear, so you wouldn’t have a hard time surviving the night and looking sizzling hot at the same time. You can mix and match this pair with several attires including sexy mini dresses and your best party attire.

Last but not least, we have Iron Fist Muerte Punk Platform, a pair designed to help you stand out in the crowd and grab all the attention to yourself. This is probably a secret weapon you should use with care, especially when paired with the right backless tanks of matching color and a nice pair of jeans.